Mar 16-April 13 2024 : Cultivating Pigments, 13th Street Gallery , Lincoln

Jan 6 -Feb 3, 2024 : Group Show , 13th Street Gallery, Lincoln,

Aug 19 -Sept 17 2023 : Chapman,Danielson, 13th Street Gallery, Lincoln 

June 30-July 30 2023:Summer Sensations Featuring Kimberly Danielson, Hatch Gallery, Prince Edward County ,Bloomfield

June 11-July 9 2022 :Sensing Colour,Kimberly Danielson, Kyle Clements,Cynthia Chapman, 13th Street Gallery , Lincoln

July 17-Aug 14 2021 :Hear Us roar, Anne Clarke, Kimberly Danielson, Patricia Gagic,13th Street Gallery, Lincoln

June 27-Aug 1 2020: Reopening Ronald Boaks, Kimberly Danielson, Floyd Elzinger,13th Street Gallery, Lincoln

June 6-July7 2020. Shiny Abstractions, Henry Saxe and Kimberly Danielson Hatch Gallery .

Summer Abstractions ,Aug1 -Sept8  2019 Hatch Gallery 

August 2018-August 2019 Tryptich chosen for another year to hang in the Presidents office of OCADU

June 24-July22 2018 solo show ,Hatch Gallery , Prince Edward County,Carved Musings.

Oct 2017, Experiencing Perspectives 2017-2018 Art Exhibition
Mercedes Benz Financial Services, Mercedes Benz, Toronto.

August 2017-Aug 2018. My triptych painting was selected by the president of OCADU from Grad Ex 2017 to be exhibited in the board room of the President’s office. Only one artist is selected for this honour annually. OCAD University, Toronto.

June 17-27 2017. 2017 Thesis Award Show, Painted Carvings. Articulations Gallery, Toronto.

May 2017. Grad Ex, Project 17, OCAD University exhibition for the graduating class. OCAD University, Toronto.

April 2017. Unbounded OCAD University First Generation Student Work, OCAD University, Toronto.\

2015. Sensation. Spazio dell Arte Gallery.

2013. The Artists Nine. Hanks Restaurant.

2013.Sensation, Spazio dell Arte Gallery.

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