Kimberly Danielson



McMaster University, Hamilton

Bachelor of Science in chemistry                       09/1978-05/1981

Doctor of Medicine                                               09/1981-05/1984

Queens University, Kingston

Internship in Internal Medicine                          07/1984-07/1985

University of Toronto 

Specialty training in Psychiatry                          07/1985-07 /1989 

Toronto Psychoanalytic Institute, Toronto

Psychoanalytic training                                        09/1995-05/1999

OCAD University Toronto

Bachelor of fine art
in drawing and painting                                       09/1991-05/2017


University of Toronto Health Service             07/1989-05/1992

Combined clinical and research position

Assistant Professor University of Toronto

Private Practice in Psychiatry                                    05/1992-03/2016

Emphasis on adult patients, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.


Toronto Psychoanalytic Association                  1999 to current

Canadian Psychoanalytic Association               1999 to current

Ontario Medical Association

Member of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons



Mar 16-April 13 2024 : Cultivating Pigments, 13th Street Gallery , Lincoln

Jan 6 -Feb 3, 2024 : Group Show , 13th Street Gallery, Lincoln,

Aug 19 -Sept 17 2023 : Chapman,Danielson, 13th Street Gallery, Lincoln 

June 30-July 30 2023:Summer Sensations Featuring Kimberly Danielson, Hatch Gallery, Prince Edward County ,Bloomfield

June 11-July 9 2022 :Sensing Colour,Kimberly Danielson, Kyle Clements,Cynthia Chapman, 13th Street Gallery , Lincoln

July 17-Aug 14 2021 :Hear Us roar, Anne Clarke, Kimberly Danielson, Patricia Gagic,13th Street Gallery, Lincoln

June 27-Aug 1 2020: Reopening Ronald Boaks, Kimberly Danielson, Floyd Elzinger,13th Street Gallery, Lincoln

June 6-July7 2020. Shiny Abstractions, Henry Saxe and Kimberly Danielson Hatch Gallery .

Summer Abstractions ,Aug1 -Sept8  2019 Hatch Gallery 

August 2018-August 2019 Tryptich chosen for another year to hang in the Presidents office of OCADU

June 24-July22 2018 solo show ,Hatch Gallery , Prince Edward County,Carved Musings.

Oct 2017, Experiencing Perspectives 2017-2018 Art Exhibition
Mercedes Benz Financial Services, Mercedes Benz, Toronto.

August 2017-Aug 2018. My triptych painting was selected by the president of OCADU from Grad Ex 2017 to be exhibited in the board room of the President’s office. Only one artist is selected for this honour annually. OCAD University, Toronto.

June 17-27 2017. 2017 Thesis Award Show, Painted Carvings. Articulations Gallery, Toronto.

May 2017. Grad Ex, Project 17, OCAD University exhibition for the graduating class. OCAD University, Toronto.

April 2017. Unbounded OCAD University First Generation Student Work, OCAD University, Toronto.

2015. Sensation. Spazio dell Arte Gallery.

2013. The Artists Nine. Hanks Restaurant.

2013.Sensation, Spazio dell Arte Gallery.


2017 Thesis Award.
This is a province wide award given to two graduating post -secondary art students. The award focused on selecting two students who demonstrated a coherent body of work unique in both concept and execution. The award included a solo art exhibit (Thesis Award Show, Painted Carvings. Articulations Gallery, Toronto) and a one week print residency at Gravenfeather.

August 2017-Aug 2018. OCADU Presidents Office Exhibit
My triptych painting was selected by the president of OCADU from Grad Ex 2017 to be exhibited in the board room of the President’s office. Only one artist is selected for this honour annually. OCAD University, Toronto.

August 2018-August 2019 OCADU Presidents Office Exhibit

Selected again for a second year

                                                    The Paintings

Kimberly Joy Danielson has a BFA from the Ontario College of Art  in drawing and painting.She holds a Bachelor of Science in chemistry from McMaster University, a medical degree from McMaster University, with a  specialization in psychiatry and psychoanalysis.

My current body of work emerges as a culmination and synthesis of a lifelong practice of painting, psychoanalysis, and exposure to the colours, traditions, and handicrafts of Västerbotten Sweden and Telemark Norway, my cultural heritage. There is a strong tradition of beautifully woven textiles, carved wooden objects sometimes vibrantly painted, as well as birch root and birch bark baskets and knapsacks.

Earlier exploratory paintings were actual representations of these handicrafts paintedand carved directly into birch panels. My new work has evolved and become more abstracted. While still drawing from Scandinavian influences, my career as a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst has been woven into the process as well. Vibrant and sculptural, my current paintings are hand carved into thick layers of paint which reference a Scandinavian palette and the handmade carved traditions. The painting process is partially directed by free association which results in the painting emerging in an intersubjective space, in which I influence the painting and the painting influences me. The pieces I create often encapsulate an idea or experience which is pulled out of me through this process. The unconscious mind is referenced in two ways. First, the multiple layers of the painting are an allusion to the layered structure of the unconscious mind. Second, the semi-abstract forms are suggestive of a dream state, a window to theunconscious, where the meanings and objects are often disguised and distorted.The final work is open to and suggestive of multiple interpretations.

Current Exhibition 

13 th Street Gallery  

St Catherines

Hear Us Roar

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